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Dragons in Shining Armor, Book 1 – Coming Soon!

Dragons in Shining Armor, Book 1

Interstellar Star-crossed Lovers of the Third Kind

Royal dragon shifters from a warrior planet desperately need a mate to fulfill an ancient legacy. Gerri Wilder, the matchmaker, finds a feisty Earth woman brave enough to make the journey. Prince Tovin and Prince Kyril request an anonymous introduction, so they can decide if this Earth woman can love them without discovering their royal titles or the secret surrounding an ancient legacy.

The princes disguise themselves as her private escorts. When curvy Athena Campo meets these hunky shifters, dragon hunger rises to the surface and fiery passion ignites between this threesome. Once she learns of their masquerading deception, she’s ready to leave them and return to Earth, but these two dragons have lost their hearts to her and will do everything to convince her to stay.

Enemies know the power of the legacy, and conspire to stop this mating, including kidnapping Athena. She’s about to see how possessive and protective two dragon shifters can be. Can her dragons in shining armor rescue her before it’s too late?

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Dragonwitch -- Kathy Kulig Dragon Witch

On Jaida Chel’s harsh planet of Sommerled, love and survival come with a price. Jaida hopes to forget her dark past while settling into a new world. Jaida’s companion and protector is Kai, the last shapeshifting dragon. He’s powerful, willful, and overly possessive of her, so when Jaida’s ex-lover, Fleet pilot, Captain Brayden Stokes, re-enters her life a complicated love triangle begins.

Brayden loves Jaida, she’s the one woman in the galaxy who could convince him to stay planetside and give up the interstellar trade business. But when a natural disaster threatens colonists on a planet-wide scale, Brayden will do whatever it takes to rescue them. If he risks everything, can love survive the consequences?

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Edge of Passion -- Kathy Kulig Edge of Passion

Dana’s summer job as a musician in an Irish castle takes an adventurous turn when she meetsJack, an entertainer from the medieval troupe. He’s also a sexy Dominant who recognizes the submissive smoldering beneath her demure exterior. At first unwilling, Dana allows his skillful commands to take her beyond her darkest erotic fantasies. But mystery surround the troupe of musicians, and Jack has drawn her into this strange world. Secret meetings, cloaked figures, strange lights, and a hidden cottage that vanishes within the light of the moon. Is their love real, or is Dana an unwilling participant in some kind of supernatural conquest?

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Tattoo Witch -- Kathy Kulig

Tattoo Witch

Release date for the next book in the Dark Realms series is December 26, 2017 at $2.99. Pre-order today at a special discount price $.99.

A couple on vacation decides on magical tattoos to spice up their love life, but Black Magic spins their holiday into a wicked, sultry adventure.

There cannot be good without evil, light without dark. At a seaside resort, lovers Sam and Anita meet a mysterious and heavily tattooed couple who refers them to Sinful Designs. The owner is a witch whose magical tattoos will grant sexual desires beyond their wildest fantasies. The sex is scorching and kinky. But there’s a catch. Each new tattoo comes with a darker and scarier curse. There’s a way to break the spells, but can the lovers survive the choice and stay together in the end?

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The Shifter Spell -- Kathy Kulig

The Shifter’s Spell

March 20, 2018

Rory Donovan desperately wants to be free of the ancient Druid’s Circle and its three hundred year old curse. But he must lure camper Carolyn Moyer into a ritual during the blue moon on the eve of Samhain-or be trapped as a shapeshifting stag for another eighty years.

The unpredictable powers surrounding the megalithic structure plunge Carolyn and Rory through the veil between worlds, where they encounter unimaginable adventures, sensual pleasures and perils from ancient times to distant futures. Dangers peak as the time for the ritual approaches and Rory realizes the ceremony will risk Carolyn’s life. But if he doesn’t to do it, he’ll lose her forever.

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Sins of Odyssey

Sins of Odyssey , The Complete Trilogy – Available Now

Powerful billionaires and bad boys will fill your nights with shameless passion.

In a sultry night club called Dark Odyssey, fantasies and desires are satisfied, rules are broken, and secrets are exposed. Sins of Odyssey: The Complete Trilogy includes all three sizzling hot romances from the Sins of Odyssey series. Are you ready to indulge in delicious passion and forbidden romance?

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Naughty Getaways Naughty Getaways

Naughty Getaways: Eleven Sultry Stories of magic, New Adult, Older Woman/Younger Man, Paranormal, Rubenesque, Sci-Fi, Stepbrother Romance and Threesome. By Berengaria Brown, Francesca Hawley, Regina Kammer, Suz DeMello, Nicole Austin, Kathy Kulig, Tina Donahue, Kate Richards, Alice Gaines, Belle Scarlett.

Including Tattoo Witch by Kathy Kulig

At a seaside resort, Sam and Anita meet a mysterious owner of a tattoo shop, a witch whose magical tattoos grant scorching, kinky sex beyond their wildest fantasies—but there’s a catch. Each successive tattoo comes with a curse.

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Nauhty Novellas

Naughty Novellas

Including BDSM, Contemporary, Fairytale, Fantasy, Futuristic, Historical, Paranormal, Shape-shifter & Threesome from bestselling authors: Belle Scarlett, Nicole Austin, Tina Donahue, Berengaria Brown, Katherine Kingston, Kathy Kulig.

EDGE OF PASSION by Kathy Kulig- In an ancient Irish castle, Dominant Jake uncovers the submissive smoldering beneath Dana’s demure exterior. Passion, lust and love drive her closer to glorious surrender. But mystical energies surround the castle and Dana is drawn into a bizarre world of secret meetings, cloaked figures, strange lights and a hidden cottage in the forest that vanishes. Is their love real? Or is she an unwilling participant in a supernatural conquest?

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Secret Destiny

Secret Destiny – Book 1.

Desperate and on the verge of financial disaster, Destiny Noir accepts the job at Dark Odyssey. The hedonistic club in a mansion along the South Florida coast caters to the rich and powerful, providing a particular service that satisfies their clients’ sinful requests. Performing kinky sex shows at private parties with her lover Darius Logan should be easy for two lovers. The risk to her professional reputation is high, but the money and scorching sex is too good to refuse. This club is just what the couple is looking for. But there are always consequences, especially when their fun and well-paying side job spins out of control.

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Secret Escort

Secret Escort – Book 2.

Emotional. Edgy. Steamy ménage. Mariko Maguire refuses to let another man break her heart. So why not indulge in a sexual fantasy for one night? If she’s daring enough, she’ll abandon prior commitments, shed inhibitions for one wickedly lustful evening in an adult club with two very different, but sexy men.

Justin is a college professor who’s confronting secrets and regrets from his past. He awakens the potent heat of desire within Mariko. He wants her, but is she ready for what he has in mind?  Carter, a commercial pilot, is always looking for a new sexual adventure and more than willing to be Mariko’s escort. A ménage is their kinky plan, but what happens when love gets tossed into the middle?

As one passionate night takes an unexpected turn, whose heart will break and who will walk away from their naughty encounter at Dark Odyssey?

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Secret Sins

Secret Sins – Book 3.

Every submissive craves Master Adrian Cayne’s commands and relentless determination to bring them to the point of exquisite pain and pleasure. Because of the intensity of his sessions, he’ll only take experienced subs until Emma arrives at Dark Odyssey. He’s impressed and attracted to her beauty and enthusiasm. But before he’ll take her on, she must pass a series of seductive tests of increasing intensity to see if she’s receptive to his unique and dark skills.

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His Lost Mate

His Lost Mate

Seduced by the sultry jungle and a supernatural connection, two archaeologists, Lauren and Deven, are lured into a forbidden and passionate affair. But with the help of an ancient shaman ghost, and Lauren’s psychic visions, they must battle a dark entity before Lauren falls victim to the deadly evil. Previously published as Wild Jade. Has been revised, edited and updated.

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Red Tape Protector

Red Tape Protector (FLC series Book 2)

Sexy, black-ops agent, Jag Denison, is hired to train Alana MacKenna, a member of a secret society in the White House, for an undercover security job she doesn’t want, but is forced to accept. He’s equally skilled at teaching survival techniques and expanding her sexual boundaries. Love and desire take them completely by surprise, but when the true nature of her position is revealed, it could endanger their mission and shatter their world. Thrilling Romantic Suspense, BDSM.

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Steel Reflections

Steel Reflections(Masters of Steel series, Prequel)

Aroused by needs she can no longer deny, Lindsey explores her taboo desires in a BDSM club. Under the Master of Steel’s capable hands, her body experiences the pleasure and pain she craves, but he pushes her beyond her limits, giving her an ultimatum, and she discovers something completely unexpected. Short Story, Erotic romance, BDSM

“I love it! Love the twist, very sexy. Perfection!” ~Alison Tyler, erotic author and editor

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Write to Success

Write to Success

Blurb: Eight New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors share how to build a successful writing career.Write to Success covers all those frequently asked questions every new indie author wonders about self-publishing and has strategies for the advanced self-publisher. 

Writing, editing, cover art, formatting, marketing, street teams, multi-author collaborations, and contracts can make your head spin. But this book gives you all the tools to professionally publish and market your book. It also contains a directory that lists recommended books, blogs, editors, cover artists, formatting resources, and web sites.

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Red Tape

Red Tape (FLC series Book 1)
Romantic Suspense/BDSM

Bondage in the White House.

Hot passion explodes when two headstrong CIA agents and ex-lovers are hand-picked for a secret organization that uses sex and scandal to manipulate a sadistic leader. Danger escalates when their target discovers the plan and devises his own scheme. The mission and love affair spins out of control, forcing a decision between love, loyalty or National Security. Erotic suspense, BDSM

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